June 5, 2015

Author Feature - Roseanne Cheng

Author - Roseanne Cheng - www.teachablelit.com

Book - The Take Back of Lincoln Junior High

Genre - Middle Grade/Young Adult

Publisher - Wise Ink

Road to Publishing - I shopped my book out to many traditional agents, and was met with a lot of interest. After a long process of back and forth, the consistent feedback I got was, "it's great, but we don't know if we can sell it". My book for young people contains no sex or violence, no gratuity of any kind. I am a teacher, connected in education, and knew my book would serve a great purpose in a classroom setting. So when I got the feedback I needed-- that the story was good-- I contacted a local business that helps people like me self-publish. Nowadays, you don't need the backing of a major publisher to be a successful author. You just need a good story and the determination to make it happen.

Book Synopsis - Lincoln Junior High is out of money. For Andrew and Hannah, this means no sports, no music, and no fun. That is, until the principal begins a corporate sponsorship program to “Take-Back” the school. A few advertisements in exchange for cool programs and new technology can’t be that bad. Or can it?

Disclosure - The questions were answered by the spotlight person in conjunction with my new feature.  I have not read the books.  I received nothing for this post.

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