June 2, 2015

Author Feature - Damir Fonovich

Author - Damir Fonovich - http://www.lucalashes.com

Book - Luca Lashes

Road to Publishing - We decided to publish as eBooks and to develop book Apps for our children's series, as we thought it would not only leave us in more control over the process, but we could also earn more of a payout (70% vs. 6%) when we sold the eBooks and Apps. Our solution to put our ideas into the universe also is green, as there are no paper products in an eBook/App. In terms of the editing process and finding the right developer to create the Apps and finalize the eBooks, we have been able to publish 8 ebooks and book apps within 2 years, whereas a traditional publisher would take a lot longer to publish just one book, not to mention that traditional publishers take a very long time to approve publication, typically only work with agents, and keep more of the book profits to cover their costs.

Book Synopsis -  Our series is dedicated to helping parents and their children confront fearful firsts with confidence and with a smile! Luca Lashes is a little boy with magic eyelashes, when he blinks them twice he can confront any situation. Our series has Luca learning to brush his teeth, go to the dentist, go to the doctor, learn how to swim, get a haircut, etc. Our most recent book involves visiting Mommy in the hospital.

 Our most recent book involves visiting Mommy in the hospital, something that can be quite scary for little ones. Our next book will be Luca's first airplane ride!

 Disclosure - The questions were answered by the spotlight person in conjunction with my new feature.  I have not read the books.  I received nothing for this post.

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