May 31, 2015

Author Feature - Luis Rodriguez

Author - Luis Rodriguez -

Book - The Klampie Mystery

Publisher - Mascot Books offers some traditional publishing tools, but the financial backbone is provided by the author.

Road to Publishing - While more demanding financially this route is definitely more certain.

One extremely critical issue is this:

Start promoting the book at least 6 months prior to publication. REPEAT: Start promoting the book at least 6 months prior to publication.

To that end, have ready 'Bound Galleys" or "Advance Reader's Copies".

Most book critics at Big publications will not consider a book for review close to the scheduled publication date.

Book Synopsis - The adventure begins in San Diego, when Samantha gets a life-sized stuffed koala, before she and her parents go on a trip to visit an aunt and an uncle in Australia around Christmas time. The koala looked very real. Samantha just loved him and named him Klampie, since his arms clamp onto anything, just like a real koala.

Samantha clamped Klampie onto her backpack where he stayed during the flight, and then in the ride to her aunt and uncle's home after landing in Sydney.

The mystery begins when they stop to get gas. Something happens at the gas station that goes undetected by Samantha, her parents and her aunt and uncle. Something that is going to have everybody wondering later on...

In any event, the adventure continues during their exciting stay in Australia, that beautiful country down under. Samantha was amazed by the differences in weather, time and customs between the United States and Australia, and enjoyed all the additional love and affection she received from her aunt and uncle.

They all visited different interesting places, did a lot of shopping and even enjoyed a "barbie" (cookout) by the beach.

Most of the times Samantha left Klampie, so he wouldn't get lost. They had a great time in Australia!

Finally, it is time for Samantha and her family to return home to San Diego, and that is when the mystery unfolds...On the overnight plane ride home, little Samantha wakes everybody up screaming: "Klampie! Klampie! Klampie's alive!"

What a confusion! Is Klampie alive? What has happened? It is a true mystery for Samantha and everybody else, but not for the readers!

Children will love being on the truth while Samantha remains in the dark!

The Klampie Mystery is a sweet, heart warming story for all ages.

Disclosure - The questions were answered by the spotlight person in conjunction with my new feature.  I have not read the books.  I received nothing for this post.

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