December 5, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide Day 23 - Logo Party

Disclosure - I received a product to review from the SpinMaster.  Opinions are my own.

Gift Idea - Logo Party from Spin Master

In Logo Party, the goal is to get your teammates to guess brands based on four different types of clues! - Draw It, Reveal It, Describe It, & Do It
Draw It! - Draw clues about the brand, without writing words, letters or numbers.
Reveal It! - (ALL PLAY)  Insert a “Reveal It!” card in the timer and watch as the logo  is slowly revealed. Be the first to shout out the correct brand name and you move on to the next space.
Describe It! - Describe the brands to your team without actually saying any part of the brand name.
Do It! - Players act out a secret brand for their team - No talking or singing allowed.
To Buy - This game is great for larger group as it requires a team dynamic.  The game has a SRP of $24.99, but you can get the Logo Party Game on Amazon right now for $18.00.
The Game Includes
  • 1 Game Board
  • 180 Action Cards
  • 120 Reveal It Cards
  • 1 Drawing Pad
  • 2 Playing Pieces
  • 1 Logo Timer
  • 1 Instruction Guide

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