December 4, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide Day 22 - Headbandz Act Up from SpinMaster

Disclosure - I received a product to review from the above company or their PR Agency.

As Christmas is a time for families, the next few days are all about gifts that encourage family togetherness.

Gift Idea - Headbandz Act Up from SpinMaster

To Play - 
  • Select a headband, a matching color-coded card and 12 tokens. Draw a card from the deck and without looking, insert it in your headband.
  • When you roll the colored die, the player with the matching colored headband has to act out what it says on your headband. 
  • If  the word is guessed successfully, both the actor(s) and the guesser get points.

The Game Includes -
  • 6 Adjustable Hedbands in 6 different colors
  • 180 Act Up Cards
  • 6 Player Cards
  • 1 Die
  • 1 Timer
  • 72 Tokens
  • 1 Instruction Guide
To Buy - The Game has a SRP of $19.99 and is reccomended for ages 8 and up.  Some of the words are a little hard for younger players though, so some adjustment to the rules might be needed for younger players.


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