November 9, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide Day 6 - I See Me

Disclosure - I received a product for review purposes from I See Me.  Opinions are my own.

With 3 kids, lots of times we need duplicates of everything - even with Christmas presents.  If we don't have duplicates, they fight.  And even if we do have duplicates, we need some way to differentiate between them.  We've tried getting things in different colors, but that doesn't do the trick.  The only thing with real lasting power is adding a name. 

Get Personal this Holiday Season with a one of a kind gift from I See Me.

I See Me has a variety of personalizable gifts for any little one on your Christmas list.

They have books, puzzles,  and even place mats.

But my absolute favorite thing from I See Me is their selection of personalized lunch boxes.

The lunch boxes are made from tin and come in everything from a space theme to ballerinas.

 I really like that they print the name a couple of places on the lunch box (the front side panel as well as the top). 

The lunch tins are fairly large.  We've been able to send a variety of foods with Kik, and so far nothing has gotten squashed.  As important as un-squashed food is to Kik  (and it is important), my favorite thing about the I See Me lunch boxes is that they have a mini chalkboard built into the lid.

The first time we sent Kik to school with home lunch this year, we didn't show her the inside of her new lunch box.  When she opened it up and saw a note from us, she almost started crying.  She thought it was just so touching. 

We have discovered that the tins are not leak proof.  Once Kik left a lid off a container of salsa when she pit it back in her lunch box.  The salsa didn't get everywhere, but it did leak out of the corner of the lunch box.  And salsa in a back pack does not smell nice.

To Buy - Even if your child is not in school, these personalized lunch boxes would be perfect for storing treasures.  They retail for $29.95, and would be a great gift for any little one on your list.

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