November 22, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide Day 16 - My American Girl Dolls

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Holiday Gift Guide - My American Girl Dolls

Most of you have undoubtedly heard of the American Girl historical and Girl of the Year Dolls.  But did you know that on their website, you can actually customize an American Girl doll to your child. 

On the website you can choose your doll be hair color, eye color, and even hair style.  And then once you have your basic doll picked out, you can continue to customize by style starters (glasses, braces, pierced ears), accessories, and even outfits.

My girls love to go to the site and make dolls that closely resemble them.  There aren't exact matches for my girls, but they get pretty close.  Here they are in doll form.

As fun as it is to make them in real life, I never knew how they would translate to real life.  So for our gift guide this year, we decided to find out.

Because Kik is older and more the age for American girl dolls, I decided to go with the brown haired doll pictured above.  She has layered black brown hair, light skin, and brown eyes.

Like all of the American Girl Dolls, she is 18" and has a cloth body and vinyl head & limbs. This makes her soft, huggable,and poseable.  She also has eyes that open and closeIf you look closely at her boots, her skin is a bit on the tan side.  This is actually perfect for Kik.  I also really like that her hair is layered.  it gives her a fun and modern look.

Each My American Girl doll includes
  • A True Spirit Outfit - pink tee, gray skirt, tan boots (pictured above
  • A charm keeper necklace to hold her charms
  • Codes that give your girl access to innerstarU

To Buy - Each of the My American Girl Dolls retail for $110.

Kik has a few different brands of 18inch doll, but the American Girl Dolls are definitely her favorite.  I asked her why, and this was her response.  "Their hair is the prettiest and easiest to do.  She is the easiest to cuddle with at bedtime because of her soft body.  And she is the easiest to play with because she actually sits when I want her to, but she can stand up too."

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