November 6, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide Day 4 - Kawaii Crush Happy Hyper Mall

Disclosure -  I received a product to review from SpinMaster. Opinions expressed in this post are strictly my own.

We have a lot of little toys scattered around our house.  No matter how many we get, Bid always wants the newest and cutest.

Something fairly new on the scene is the Kawaii Crush line of products from Spin Master.

Kawaii is a Japanese word meaning cute, and that sums up the line completely.  We have the Kawaii Crush Happy Hyper Mall, and everything from the fake food to the elevator has been cutified.

The Mall itself is broken into 4 play areas (plus an elevator), and each area comes with their own play-cessories.  Besides the food court pictured above, there is a pet store,

a photo booth,

and even a clothing store.

I really like all the different accessories that come with the mall.  Because their are 4 sections and so many little toy options, the Mall is great for shared play.

The Play set Features
  • 1 Hyper Happy Mall Play set
  • 1 Exclusive Kawaii Crush Doll
  • 3 Pets
  • 40 Play Accessories
  • No Batteries
The only downside of the play set is actually the include doll.  Her side ponytail makes her a little lopsided and she tips.  It doesn't inhibit play or the ability to change her outfit.  It just makes it so she can't stand or sit straight.  Each of the main Kawaii Crush characters has a different hairstyle, so I'm guessing the problem isn't universal.

To Buy - The Kawaii Crush Happy Hyper Mall is adorable.  It fits perfectly into Bid's Strawberry, Polly, Princess Play land she has set up in her room.  The mall has a SRP of $29.99, but you can get it right now on Amazon for just $20.  It would be a great gift for any little girl on your holiday shopping list.

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