October 14, 2013

Peppa Pig

Disclosure - I received Product from Peppa Pig for review on this post.  All thoughts and opinion are my own.

It's mid October, and there are only 10 days left to the start of my Holiday Gift Guide! Today I thought it would be fun to give you a sneak peak of one of my kids favorite new toys - Peppa Pig!

For those of you who haven't heard of Peppa Pig, it's an animated tv show on Nick Jr. that follows the adventures of a pig named Peppa, and her brother George. Peppa lives in the U.K. and has a British accent. Sometimes her adventures lead her into trouble, but they always end happily with lots of laughter and snorting. And oh the snorting!

Recently a new line of Peppa Pig Products was launched at Toys R Us.  Because my kids love Peppa Pig so much, of course I agreed to review them.

Muddy Puddles Bathtime Peppa ($12.99 from Fisher-Price) - This is a super fun bath toy.  The set comes with George. Peppa, and a bath tub.   

Peppa’s muddy spots disappear in warm water,

 and George is a squirt toy.

And the little bathtub is super fun because it has suction cups that attach to the side of the bath.  Unlike lots of toys, the suction cups work great.  I stuck it to their bath, and despite the fact that all 3 kids play with it, the bath hasn't moved.

Bedtime Peppa ($26.99 from Fisher-Price) - is Co's favorite of the lot.  It's a plush pig that's ready for bed.

 It sings bedtime songs, plays a counting sheep game, and we can't forget the oinking.  Peppa's cheeks light up when she is talking, so it's fun to play with in the dark.

 You can tell it's loved, just by the look on their faces

Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School ($12.99 from Candlewick Press) - This is a 32 page hardcover book about Peppa at school.  In the book, kids can follow Peppa as she learns her letters and numbers, and participates in Talent Time.  This book is fun because the book jacket comes off and doubles as a coloring poster.

 Peppa Pig Sports Day App ($4.99 from P2 Games) - We haven't tried this out, but it looks fun.  This app includes 6 sports themed games and a bonus digital sticker book. 

If your kids like Peppa Pig, definitely check these toys out!  For more info you can find Peppa Pig on Facebook and twitter - @PeppaPigUS

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