October 25, 2013

ChelDesigns - Close2Home Etsy Feature

Store Feature - ChelDesigns - http://www.etsy.com/shop/ChelDesigns

Product - Customizable 4x6 Polka Dot Picture Frame

About - Hi all, I'm Chelsea, a fun, energetic, preppy young woman. I recently graduated from college in May of 2013 which is where, without realizing it, my Etsy shop began. As a sister of Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority I did a lot of crafting! Crafts were made for recruitment, big/little reveal, halloween, initiation, and so many more events. Every time I designed something I would receive positive feedback. In fact, many times I became the go to girl when it came to crafting. I began making my picture frames my sophomore year because the bare, white, concrete dorm walls were not cutting it and did not make my room feel like home. Every summer, the number of frames I painted would double and by my senior year my wall became one huge collage. It looked amazing and made me feel right at home. Now that I have graduated and actually have a colored paint on my walls, I no longer need to create as many frames. However, it has become a real passion of mine. In fact, painting became my stress reliever. Now that I am in graduate school to become a teacher, I believe I need a stress reliever more than ever. This is how my Etsy shop started. I have decided to share my passion with you!

My frames are designed by me and customized by you. Each of my frames are hand painted and completely customizable. You can mix and match patterns, add monograms, names or words and pick the exact colors you would like. This allows your frame to be exactly the way that you would like it. My frames are perfect gifts for all occasions including baby showers, birthday presents, Christmas gifts, teacher gifts, wedding gifts and so much more! The possibilities are endless. My goal is to make a product the way you customize it so that you are proud to display it anywhere in your home! Thank you and I hope you enjoy my shop: ChelDesigns!

Support Handmade - The Frame retails for $24 plus shipping!

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