September 27, 2013

Made by Stephanie - Close2Home Etsy Feature

Store Feature - Made by Stephanie -

Product - Personalized Wedding Bride and Groom Handmade Greeting Card

About -  I have always enjoyed giving cards not just for holidays, but every day. Since I was little, I’ve loved getting cards on my birthday, Valentine’s Day or just because. Last year, I started my Etsy shop to turn what I’d been doing for friends and family into something real. I enjoy making cards that make people happy.

Support Handmade - The Shop sells a wide variety of personalized homemade cards.  Each card sells for just $5!
 Have your etsy/home business shop featured here in our Close2Home Friday Weekly Feature!

This post is written by the Etsy Shop Owner as part of my Close to Home Feature.  I received nothing for this post.  I am not responsible for the giveaway prize - it is separate from this post and not sponsored by me.

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