September 6, 2013

Loralyn Designs - Close2Home Etsy Feature

Store Feature - Loralyn Designs -

Product - Simple Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace

About -  My name is Laura King, I am a true New England-er being born, raised and still living in Massachusetts, USA . I am thankful to have had a mom that encouraged crafting and creativity from an early age. She taught me the beauty of handmade items from sewing to painting and drawing, gift wrapping, jewelry making, and home decorations. At age 8, I was selling my jewelry door to door (OK, I was selling my fashion plate color drawings too). At 13, my mom invited me to join her in selling my 3D plastic canvas Christmas ornaments. I remember being awestruck by my mom and the fact that she was willing to sell my items next to hers. Funny, I still have a few of those ornaments I put on my tree every year.

I branched out to woodworking and home improvement projects in my 20s. Love my workbench! Now in my late 30s, I have discovered a new passion with metal crafts. Combining all my past experiences and hobbies together is how Loralyn Designs was born.

In April 2012, Loralyn Designs was invited to join The Artisan Group. The private group, founded by Valerie Guerrero, brings talented artists opportunities to design products for celebrities, awards shows and TV shows. Since joining, we have been featured in the guides for the Country Music Awards and the Oscars and had the amazing good fortune to gift Tyra Banks. Our proudest achievement to date is designing a necklace for The Vampire Diaries which was worn by Galen Vaughn, a Vampire Hunter played by Charlie Bewley in episode that aired in February 2013!

Support Handmade - There Simple pendant necklace retails for just $29.99.  Or for those Vampire Hunter lovers out there, that necklace goes for $59.99.