June 25, 2013

Orb Factory Review

  Disclosure -  I received a product to review from the company. Opinions expressed in this post are strictly my own

Kik loves art projects, but I struggle a bit in the artsy department.  School has been great for her this year because she has brought home some kind of art project almost every week.   But now that the kids are out for the summer, it's up to me to find something for them to do every day - or at least every week.

We got some drawing books from the library, but Bid can't do it, and I am more of a hindrance than a help.  

Because of this I jumped at the chance to check out some of Orb Factory's newest crafty projects.

I broke the Sticky Mosaics Unicorn Keepsake Boxes out during a play date with one of Kik's friends.

This particular kit contains three little treasure unicorn boxes, and 400 little jewels and tiles.  That seems a bit daunting, but the boxes are all stick by number, and you just have to put on the right color.  If you look eat the above pictures, you can see the numbers on the boxes.

The 3 girls just sat there at a table and quietly worked on their boxes for more than an hour.  It was seriously the quietest and most low key play date my girls have ever had.  And at the end we had these -

To Buy - The Sticky Mosaic Unicorn Keepsake Boxes retail for $14.99 (includes all 3 styles) and is recommended for ages 5+.  The little jewels are little so it could be hard for younger kids to do it themselves.  Bid is 4 and she stuck hers on by herself, but she needed lots of help with color matching.  Plus, she has fat fingers.  The project was perfect for my first grader and her friend.

If you need project for older kids (or even boys) Orb Factory has those too. One I love is the Superstar Pillow.

You actually create the design of the pillow using fabric pieces (number guided of course).  This pillow retails for $19.99, and even better there is no sewing required.

All of the products I've used from Orb Factory have been kid friendly, and easy to use.  If you are looking for a great craft for your kids, I would definitely check this out.   For more info on these and other great products, check out the orb factory facebook page. 

I received a product to review from the above company or their PR Agency. Opinions expressed in this post are strictly my own - I was not influenced in any way. I received no monetary compensation for this post. 

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  1. I think you just guided us toward a fun and creative birthday gift for our amazing niece, Sage who will be turning five later this month, I know some of the "kits" suggest that they are age appropo for children 5 and older - but Sage is so bright - I know she'll master the projects in no time.

    The ones that really caught my eye are the:

    and the Sticky Mosaic Fairy Forest Jewelry Box

    I also think she would love the Orb Factory's Superstar Pillow (as well as the Purrfect Pillow and the Rainbow Heart Pillow. Thanks.

    Jesselyn A/Jesstinger