April 10, 2013

Lakeshore Learning Interactive Software

We had Spring Break last week, which means school is almost out for the year.  8 more weeks and then Kik and my husband will both be home for the summer.  Kik has always been a smart girl.  Especially with anything language related, she just excels.   But when she takes a break from school, sometimes she forgets everything she has learned.   In an effort to prevent that, I'm always on the lookout for fun new learning activities.

One of my favorite places to shop for learning products is Lakeshore Learning.  They have a huge selection games, activities and learning toys, all focused on making learning fun.

A few months ago, Lakeshore Learning sent me a package of a few of there software titles to check out.  Life has been so crazy that I put them on the back burner for awhile, but I recently had the chance to play a few of them with Kik.

Place Value: Quick Shot!  - Ticket-To-Win-It Interactive Arcade Game 

This game is all about helping students learn place value  To play, all students have to do is select the level (two digit, three digit, or expanded notation) and then they have 60 seconds to figure out as many problems as possible.  The place value cubes are shown at the top of the screen, and students just have to click the correct bubble.  When they get one right, they score.  At the end of the 60 seconds, the score is tallied up, and the player receives tickets.  The tickets can then be redeemed for prizes.

This is great for in home practice, because the program remembers each child individually and you can check their progress.

When Kik played this game the first time she struggled a little.  She just wasn't very fast and the timer flustered her a bit.  But I told her not to give up and she tried again.  And again.  The third time she tried it, she did quite well, and was pretty pleased with her progress.  She was super excited to redeem her tickets and get a reward for her efforts.

Phonics Quiz: Game Show 

With this game, think Jeopardy for first graders.   There are 200 "level-appropriate" questions in 12 different categories (from beginning & ending sounds to blends & digraphs).

To play all you have to do is pick the categories and then start answering questions.  Kik played against herself and was excited that she got 100 percent.  This game would be great in a classroom setting.

Can Do! Interactive Phonemic Awareness Game 

This game is all about helping children become aware of phonics.  Teams take turns spinning the wheel, and then answer a question about the beginning, middle, or end of the word.

Kik thought this was fun, because every time she answered a question right, there was a funny graphic - like a robot throwing a pie.

Lakeshore Learning also sent me a few games that are above Kik's first grade level.  Although we haven't tried them yet, I found some info on the website, which I included below. 

Can Do! Interactive Solar System Game 

Children compete as contestants on a mad scientist’s wacky game show—and learn about the solar system! The animated game show features level-appropriate questions that quiz kids in 3 categories, including planets and moons; asteroids, comets, and meteors; and the sun. Teams simply take turns spinning the scientist’s game wheel to choose a category, then answer a question to win points for their team. Each correct answer unleashes a silly surprise on their competition—from a zap by the Super Shrinker to a visit from the gooey Slime Monster! After each game students play, the software generates a personalized score report…and includes a printable pre- and post-assessment to help you track students’ skills! Game includes 100 skill-building questions. For Mac/Win.

Bubble Pop! Math Challenge Interactive Games - 

Gr. 3-4 Students race to solve skill-building math problems in 4 different categories by popping bubbles that show the correct answers—before they splash into the pond! To play the excitement-filled game, kids choose a category & subskill from the menu…then pop the correct bubbles to build essential math skills—from multiplication & division to rounding & fractions! Kids earn points to progress through 8 levels of play, and with each level they unlock, the challenge increases—along with the fun! Best of all, the game lets you create & save a profile for every student in your class, so kids can stop & start whenever they want—and teachers can check kids’ skills & scores anytime! Software includes printable assessments & personalized reports. Compatible with Windows operating systems, as well as Mac OS X 10.6 and higher.

To Buy -  All of the educational software products can be purchased online at lakeshore learning.  For a single use license, most of the games retail for either $14.99, or $19.99,

 Opinions expressed in this post are strictly my own - I was not influenced in any way. I received no monetary compensation for this post. 


  1. I love the Jeopardy for first graders. It would be a hit in our house.

  2. The bubble pop math game would be good for adding fun to learning math.

  3. It's important to keep kids learning even when school is out.

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