March 21, 2013

I wrote a book, now to get it published - Defender Elementary: A New Hero in Town

I've been a little MIA on here lately, but not because I'm deserting you.  For the last few years, I've indulged my love of writing by sharing great products with all of you, but this year I decided I wanted to try and write a book.  So with all of my free time in February, I went for it.

Since kids books are my favorite, I decided to write a humorous chapter book about Super Heroes for 6-9 year old boys.  As of a few days ago, my book is finished! 

In Defender Elementary: A New Hero in Town, Evan Armstrong is a seemingly ordinarily boy that is actually descended from a long line of Super Heroes.  The week before Evan’s 9th birthday his whole life is turned upside down when the evil Dr. Roboto breaks into his school, and his powers start to develop (Well, kind of). 

 In the Defender Elementary Series, every Super, hero and villain, share the same weakness – Pickles.  My book differs from the norm here, because Evan was accidentally introduced to pickles before his powers developed, and pickles no longer hurt him.  Unfortunately, his powers don’t work quite right either.  Instead of being invisible he can only turn slightly blurry, and instead of telekinesis he can just make things shake.    Despite his limited powers, Evan figures out the identity of Dr. Roboto and informs the Supers in charge.  But no one believes him.  So when Dr. Roboto disguises himself as Miss Pennywiggle and poisons everyone at the Super Hero Convention with a pickle juice infused cake, Evan is the only Super whose powers are not affected.  Evan and a few other soon-to-be supers, join together to catch Dr. Roboto and lock him away for good.

I enjoyed writing the book so much that in the little time I've  had, I've wrote a picture book called Stinking Beauty, and started the 2nd book in the Defender Elementary Series.

Now I just have to submit it to a whole bunch if literary agencies and see if anyone is interested.   I've read about the process, and it seems long and daunting.  If there are any writers, agents, or publishers out there, I would love to have you answer a few short questions.  I'm thinking of starting a new weekly feature about the publishing process, and would love an insiders point of view.

Email me if interested on being featured - creatingchildhoodmemories at gmail dot com


  1. Good for you! Hope it works out smoothly and quickly!

  2. I am so impressed and want to read it!

  3. Wow!! Congratulations--Sure hope there will be more to come--sounds like a great adventure in writing. I have no idea about how you go about how you go about publishing a book-- but at least you took the first leep of faith to do it.. Good luck on this-- I have seen a couple other bloggers that have done the same adventure for themselves,and it has been so much fun for them..

  4. How did I not know this before! You really are AUNT AWESOME!

  5. Good for you! Watch out for pickles.
    Cute story line. I have no ideas or contacts, but good luck.