January 25, 2013

Highcalpens - Close2Home Etsy Feature

Store Feature - Highcalpens - www.highcalpens.com

Product - Classic slimline and bullet style handturned pens

About - I started turning custom pens after my wife gave me a wood lathe for Christmas a couple of years ago. It seems at sometime in our 40 years of marriage, I mentioned the fact that I really enjoyed using a wood lathe in shop class in highschool. Back then all we made were candlestick holders...my, how times have changed! Now I devote most of my spare time turning pens. Funny thing is though, I still can't seem to find a pen when I need one!

My handturned, handfinished pens are made from wood, acrylic, or Corian (a Dupont registered countertop materias) or a combination of materials. I really enjoy the element of surprise when you stop the lathe for the first time after turning the pen blank down to it's finished size and looking at the pattern or grain in the wood that's been revealed. It often looks nothing like it looked like prior to putting it on the lathe.

The one thing I do that make my pens unique is that I use non-standard centerbands. I look for unusual beads, rings, metal bands, or wood pieces to use as the centerband on my pens. It really sets them apart from most other pens available online. I also do custom pens in any one of over 100 types of wood and with any type centerband you'd like. All my pen prices include free shipping and one free ink cartridge refill for the pen.

Support Handmade - The pens vary in price depending on materials used, but you can get them from between $15 to $20.

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  1. What a wonderful idea and so creative. Doing something you like and making something different but so neat!! Hope you sell a lot of them. Rita Spratlen rjspratlen@gmail.com