December 19, 2012

Gift Idea - Z Curve Air Storm from Zing toys

We're not exactly what you would calll athletic.  We love to read.  My husband is a math teacher.  And my 6 year old makes up math and spelling problems for fun.  Then the olympics came on tv this summer and all that changed.  My girls took up gymnastics, and my husband decided he could be an olympic archer.  He noticed that some of the archers were old and overweight, so decided that was the sport for him.  He hasn't actually done any archery, but he's talked about it.  The equipment and range time is just too expensive.  I've discovered a great way for him to start training with today's gift idea.

Gift Idea - Z Curve Air Storm from Zing toys.

About - Get the ultimate archery experience with the foam Z-Curve Bow! Hook in the Zartz Arrow or BlazeX Long-Range Arrow, position the shot, and watch it safely glide through the air for an incredible 125 feet! 

Includes one Z-Curve Bow, two BlazeX Long-Range Arrows and 1 Suction-Cup Zartz Arrow.

I love that this is a foam bow and arrow set so my husband can practice in our house any time he wants.  I also love that it shoots up to 125 feet.  That almost makes it like a real archery set, right?

To Buy - The Z Curve Air Storm varies in price depending on location, but it can be purchased at stores nationwide.

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