December 19, 2012

Gift Idea - Power Popper from Hog wild Toys

If you need a last minute boys gift idea, check out the Power Popper from Hog Wild Toys.

My parents have a container full of toy boys in their basement.  It's full of legos, dinosaurs, cars, dart guns, disc guns, and more.  But one of the first toys my girls always reach for is the power popper.  

About - On-The-Run Rapid Fire Fun!  Shoots 12 balls in rapid succession! 12 soft foam balls included. The faster you slide the handles back and forth, the faster and further the balls shoot out!

My girls sit down in the playroom and shoot the balls at different targets on the wall for hours.  They love to use the power popper because even though only one can shoot, the other can catch the balls as they bounce around the room.  It's easy to load, easy to shoot, and the foam balls don't hurt if they get hit with one.

To Buy - The Power Popper retails for $17.95.  Also from Hog Wild Toys are these fun animal poppers that would make perfect stocking stuffers.


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