December 8, 2012

Gift Idea - Barbeque Party Game

And of course we can't forget the little ones.

Gift Idea - Barbeque Party by Asmodee  games.

Bid is 3 and a half, and we have a hard time finding appropriate games for her.  Most are just a little bit too hard, or a bit too easy.  The Barbeque Party game is perfect for her.

About - Veggies to grill, and some chicken and hot dogs too! But to win you need 3 of each.
Pick a card, it will tell you what you need to grill next.
When you pick that card again, it means that it is ready and you need to remove it…
BUT… you better be careful, because this friendly barbeque doesn’t like to be tickled… One false move and BOOOMMM and your meal will be late!

This game is great because it's easy to understand.  Kids can follow the pictures to determine what needs to be put on the grill.  And they get to do it with tongs.  If the grill is "tickled" it makes all of the pieces jump, which the kids think is super fun.

To Buy - Barbeque Party retails for $19.99 and is available at retailers nationwide.  But here is a little hint - I saw it today online at Toys 'R Us just $12.99. 

Features -
•Game can adapted for little kids.
•Children will enjoy the funny faces on all of the pieces of food.
•Allows children to improve fine motor skills through play.

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