December 15, 2012

Gift Idea - Amazimals

When I was younger I always asked Santa for some kind of stuffed animal. I loved them so much that it wouldn't have been Christmas without them.  Over the next few days I'm going to introduce you to a few of my favorites.  We have the cute, the animated, and some inspired by kids favorite shows.

Gift Idea - Amazimals

Amazimals are animated toy pets that do real pet things.  The line includes

  • Weefuls - Tiny pets that fit in the palm of a child’s hand. Stroke their backs and they burst with excitement, make animal sounds, wag their tail and move their head up and down. The Weefuls assortment includes a kitty, bunny, and four dogs; a Husky, Chihuahua, Rottweiler and Basset Hound.
  • Tickle Pets - When softly touched under their chins they will happily bark and kick their paws up and down. The Tickle Pets assortment includes three dogs; a Boxer, Terrier and Beagle.
  • Whimsy Walkers - Pat their backs to watch them scamper, walk and hop while making all sorts of animal sounds. The Whimsy Walkers assortment includes a bunny, kitty and a Beagle puppy.
  • Potty Pets - Feed them with their bottle until they’re full, then take them out to tinkle. The Potty Pets assortment features two puppies; a Yellow Lab and a Pointer.
  • Peppy’s Puppy Tricks - Peppy is full of love and delight. Pet his back, pat his head or touch his front paws and he performs all sorts of fun puppy tricks.

And the one we got to review - Mommy's Loving Litter.

Mommy’s Loving Litter features Mommy Mitsy and her two new born puppies. When you place the puppies next to Misty they all make noises and Misty's tail wags up and down.  The puppies also attach to her tummy.

I like thatMisty is so easy to work.  Sometimes with animated plush it's hard to find the button to turn things on.  And lots of times its even harder for little kids to push.  This wasn't the case at all.  My kids love playing with it.

To Buy - You can find Mommy's Loving Litter and all of the other Amazimals line of pets exclusively at Walmart.

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