November 4, 2012

Gift Idea - WondaWedge, BookWedge + a Giveaway

My husband and I use our electronic devices all the time.  I have my laptop which is used to bring you this wonderful blog, and my blackberry playbook for keeping track of schedules and on the go family stuff.  My husband also has a laptop and ipad that he needs to use all of the time for his work and school.   If he's working he's downstairs with me, but if he's at a meeting he sits upstairs on our bed against the wood headboard.   Todays Gift ideas make life a little easier (and a little more comfy) for anyone that works, reads, or games away from a desk.

Gift  Ideas - The WondaWedge and the BookWedge

The WondaWedge is an inflatable pillow with an attached mat.

Unlike other reading pillows, you can use it in 3 different reclining positions.  This is great because the comfort level is tailored to you!  Right now we use our WondaWedge as a bed reading/ work meeting pillow.  If we were more adventurous/outdoorsy I also think it would be perfect for poolside reading, camping trips, or even a gaming marathon,

Pros - Built in back support, Lightweight, Portable, Deflatable, Waterproof and Easy to carry and Store!

The second item on our gift list is the BookWedge

Like the WondaWedge, the BookWedge is a type of inflatable pillow.  But instead of a mat, it has an attached bumper which is specifically designed for propping up books, tablets, or e-readers.

Since we use the WondaWedge in our bedroom, Kik decided that the BookWedge is hers.  She uses it to read books in the car.

Apparently it's easier to remember where she is in the book if she doesn't have to hold it.  She also loves that it is made out of a very similar material to soft air mattresses.  She says it's comfy.

To Buy - The WondaWedge retails for $24.99, and the BookWedge for $19.99.  Both can be purchased online at the WondaWedgeStore. 

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  1. I could be used in bed and that is exactly what I would use for, for my Kindle. I have the large Kindle and don't have a stand. This would be great.
    autumnblues at live dot com

  2. In my bed while I'm on my ipad. This would be so cool to have!
    ~Sandra U.

  3. I'm pregnant with baby #2 so it would be an AWESOME support pillow!

  4. oh...this would help when I'm reading and writing at the same time.

  5. WOW! It has a lot of places you could use it. I personally would use it while readin gon the couch or in bed, and I'd have my sons use it too for school reading.

  6. I'd give to my daughter to use in her bedroom at night when she reads

  7. on the couch all cozy and reading a book with my Kindle Fire

  8. I would use it for reading in bed with my Kindle.

  9. Would use while in bed

  10. I'd love to use this in the kitchen or in bed. Thanks!

    romapup at gmail dot com

  11. We watch movies on the iPad in bed. This would be great!! Thanks!!

  12. I would use it in my bed for reading & working on my computer.

  13. I wouldnt use this would be gifted to my mom who has an ipad. I'm sure she would use it on her bed

  14. This would be for my daughter to use when she reads books before bed!

  15. I'd use it in bed - as it is, I use toss pillows to prop books and they slip right off.