November 1, 2012

Gift Idea -Twirly Q's: Make Cute Creatures

We have a family tradition that we make new Christmas Ornaments ever year on Thanksgiving Weekend.  The pictures in this book are so adorable, that we plan on using today's gift idea for this purpose.  I can't wait!

Gift Idea -Twirly Q's: Make Cute Creatures from Cardboard Coils (Klutz)

About - Make irresistibly cute creatures from colorful cardboard strips. Simply wind the strips into coils, press onto the Klutz-custom shaping tool, and assemble with glue. Then add your own flourishes to bring to life a sweet mouse, a spunky penguin, or a decidedly plump bunny (to name a few).

I have never seen anything like these cute creatures, so I am really excited for Thanksgiving this year.  Everyone in our family makes a new Christmas Ornament every year, and I always love seeing what my little girls create.  This is a super fun craft!

Comes With: dozens of colored corrugated paper strips, 2 shaping tools, stickers, glue.
Ages 10 and up

Price -19.99

Where to Buy -You can purchase the Twirly Q's online at

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  1. very cute, but seems overpriced!

  2. Looks like it would appeal to both boys and girls. I agree though, it seems expensive for a quilling-type paper craft.

  3. Cute:) I'm always looking for craft kits like this for my nieces. If I found it half price, I might get it!