November 19, 2012

Gift Idea - Klutz Activity Books

Gift Idea - Celebrate the Holidays with Klutz

About - Klutz has activity books for all genders and ages.  Today I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites.

For Boys ages 4 and up - Disney Lightning McQueen Build & Race - $16.99

I have a couple of young nephews that are huge Lightning McQueen fans.  They have the pajamas, and figurines, and with this book they can even make and race their own cars.

Synopsis - Punch out 12 sturdy board-stock cars, including familiar faces like Mater, Francesco, Sally, and, of course, Lightning McQueen. SET: Customize them with the included reusable vinyl stickers. GO: Snap on wheels and race your cars on the giant fold-out racetracks. Comes with: 12 punch-out cars, 16 interchangeable snap-on wheels, reusable stickers, giant foldout racetracks, pop-up storage garage.

For Boys Ages 8 and Up - The Klutz Coin Blaster Arcade - $19.99

I remember sitting at my desk in 5th grade watching boys make paper footballs and shooting them at each other.  I never knew how they did it, but I always wanted to.  The Klutz Coin Blaster Arcade, is a tabletop arcade inside a book.

Synopsis - The book is full of awesome tabletop target games including basketball, break the bank, and boxing. Ten different games test your coin blasting mastery and let you dominate the kitchen table. Comes With: 2 coin blasters, 2 ramp stands

For Girls Ages 4 and Up - Make Your Own Disney Princess Paper Purses - $16.99

I have a little Princess that absolutely loves Disney and all things girly.  She will dress up in beautiful costumes, and act out the story.  And if you get it wrong...she doesn't hesitate to let you know.  she would absolutely love to make and decorate her own purses inspired by her favorite princesses.

Synopsis - Make three themed purses inspired by fairy tales’ most fashionable heroines: Belle, Ariel, and Cinderella. Customize with glittery jewels, enchanting Disney Princess cameo stickers, and more, then fill with the included ready-to-cut-out royal accessories. It’s everything young princesses need for endless imaginative play. Comes with: : 3 sturdy cardstock purses, Disney Princess cameo stickers, jewels, sequins, pom-poms, satin cord, glue, 2 sheets of cut-out accessories.

And last but certainly not least,

For Girls Ages 10 and Up -  Klutz Beaded Bands - $21.99

We've tried some of the bead projects from Klutz before, and I absolutely love them.  The designs are current and new, and the instructions are easy to follow.  We made some wickedly cool bracelets last year, and it would be easy to turn the patterns into necklaces or rings. 

Synopsis - Make gorgeous beaded bracelets that can be worn stylishly wrapped or stacked on your wrist. These pretty, polished, and professional bands might look difficult to make, but are actually simple to do. With the Klutz custom-designed loom, beautiful beads, and super-clear instructions, you’ll master all seven of the stunningly unique designs. Comes With: custom loom, over 900 glass and specialty beads, closure beads, cord, beading thread, 3 needles

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  1. These are the best Activity Books to gift for any occasion.. when we have a hard time selecting a gift, Klutz has always came to the recue! Thank You for sharing.

  2. These are great gift ideas. I especially like the Arcade Coin Blaster. My nephew woukd like the Cars Activity Book.

  3. These are great! My grandson is very creative and artistic, he would love these books!! What a great gift idea, I love giving books as gifts.