November 7, 2012

Gift Idea - Bandaids

If you are looking for a creative stocking stuffer idea for your kids, consider character or patterned band-aids.

Gift Idea - Band-aids

About -  My kids love band-aids.  They often "invent" or over-inflate their injuries so they can get one.  I think Santa should bring each of my kids their own box this year so they can do whatever they want with them.  Knowing my kids, Co will use them as stickers and decorate our house.  Bid will play doctor and fix all of her stuffed animals boo boos.  And Kik will hide them in her room and use them whenever she gets a bump or scrape.

To Buy - The best part about band-aids, is they are affordable and can be purchased almost anywhere.  And my kids wouldn't think anything of it if I threw a box or two in my shopping cart. Love it!

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  1. I think that's a great idea...all the kids love character band-aids. I know all of my grandchildren do. Terrific stocking stuffer

  2. We gave our kids bandaids last year in their stockings! They LOVED them!