November 12, 2012

A Nerd Party Fit for a Laird

When we talk about how to throw birthday parties on blogs, its almost always about a kids party.  If it's not a kids party, it's an adult party - no kids allowed.  For my husbands birthday this year, we decided to do something everyone could appreciate - A Nerd Party!  Here's how it went down -

Decorations - We wanted to keep things simple, and not concentrate too much on one theme.  So we went to our local party supply store and scoured the aisles for anything a nerd would like.  We found a super hero tablecloth, video game eating utensils, and a stand up Star Wars figurine.  We positioned the Star wars stand-up right by our door so you couldn't miss it.  This was perfect as it was a great welcome to the party and a perfect picture opp.

To set the mood further, we also wrote a math problem on a whiteboard and used it as our math problem of the day centerpiece.

Welcome Activity - One of the things I dislike most about parties is waiting around for all of the guests to arrive.  Most of our guests were coming in from out of town, and they are known to be late.  So to give everyone something to do, I took to my computer and our printer.  For the kids I found some great Nerd themed coloring pages.

Star Wars Coloring Pages -
Star Trek Coloring Pages -
Mythical Creatures Coloring Pages -
Lord of the Rings Coloring Pages -
Dr. Who Coloring Pages -

And for the adults, I used a Mindware extreme dot to dots, and some logic puzzles.  Even after everyone arrived, our guests still gathered around the table.  I couldn't get them to top doing puzzles.

Party Time - For the Party itself, we set up a Nerdamant Tournament to find out which of our guests was the biggest nerd.  The Tournament consisted of an IQ Test, a star wars airplane flying contest, and a Medieval Sword Fight Single Elimination Duel.

The IQ Test - Nerds are always seen as smart people that like to take tests and study for fun.  As not all of my guests fit into that category, I mixed some "dumb" questions with real questions to create my tests.  As the room fell almost completely silent for about 5 minutes, I consider it a success.

Star Wars Airplane Contest -  We figured most nerds like to sit in their basements and build things, and lots are either Trekkies or Star Wars Fans.  To combine all of those stereotypes, we had the great Airplane Contest.  Klutz has a great Star Wars Folded Flyers Paper Airplane book that actually teaches you how to make many of the ships you see in the shows (with paper).  So we passed the book around, and gave guests the opportunity to use a Star Wars design or engineer their own.  Then we lined up and let them fly.

Medieval Duel - No nerd party is complete without some LARPing (Live Action Role Play).  So we used some balloons, blow up swords, cardboard shields, and paper masks to host the ultimate bracket style Medieval Duel.

Each competitor had 5 balloons taped onto their clothes - 1 on each shoulder, 1 on each knee, and 1 on the stomach).  Then they were given shields, swords, and masks, and told to go at it.  The first competitor to knock their opponents balloons off, progressed to the next round.

It was classic.

Tournament Prize - As in any real Duel/Tournament, there needed to be an ultimate winner.  The high scorer in each event was granted 20 points, 2nd place got 15, 3rd received 10, and 4th place received 5.  We used Kleen Slate dry erase boards to keep track of the points and make scoring easier.

 After all of the points were tallied, we crowned our king and made him an official Laird of Scotland.  Literally.

The folks over at Vat 19 have an awesome Laird or Lady Gift Set, which entitles the winner to one square foot of land at a castle in Scotland.  And if you are a Scottish Land Owner you are officially a Laird or Lady. 

Food - Throughout the party we had a table with different chips, crackers, and dips set out.  And since it's a birthday party we just had cake and ice cream after.  We seriously contemplated having our newly crowned Laird slice up a giant gummy bear or giant gummy worm(also from Vat 19) to share the spoils of his feast.  I regret not ordering one in time.

ReCap - The party was a lot of fun, and a huge success for the kids and older generation alike.  If you want to check out any of the products we used in our party, they can all be found in our holiday gift guide.

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