October 12, 2012

Nuk's line of Freshfoods Prep

Now that Co is older, feeding time has gotten harder.  He doesn't want baby food, or milk, and he prefers to feed himself.  Something that has been essential in his feeding evolution, is Nuk's line of Freshfoods Prep.

Freshfoods Prep was developed in conjunction with Annabel Karmel, and it contains everything you need in order to mash, store and freeze your own baby food.

 They have a Blender, a Grinder, a masher, and various freezing products.

One of the reasons Co doesn't like normal baby food, is that he likes bigger chunks.  The Mash & Serve Bowl is really useful as it allows me to mash up fruits and steamed veggies without making the pieces too small.

The bowl has grooves on the side, which holds the food in place as you mash.  The handle is also contoured for a more natural grip.  And it's microwave safe.

Once the baby food is made, it's easy to store with the Freezer Tray and Stackable Cubes.  Both have clip on lids, and are freezer safe.  The main difference between the two is that the freezer tray is flexible for easy removal, but the stackable cubes can be put right into the microwave.

As much as I love all of these items, my very favorite product from the Nuk line is the Fill & Freeze Pops.  The first time I used them, I was worried about overfilling and spillage.  So I filled them low.  I really should have read the directions, because the liquid had plenty of room to expand.  I ended up with a few centimeters of extra room. 

Popsicles are tasty.  But the reason I love this product so much is that Co gets so excited that he can eat them by himself.

And I don't mind him eating them.  The popsicles feature a drip catching design which means less mess.  These are perfect for when he is teething and we need a little mouth numbing.

To Buy - Nuk's line of products are available on Amazon.com and at retailers nationwide.  They are affordable and have so far held up great.

I received a product to review from the above company or their PR Agency. Opinions expressed in this post are strictly my own - I was not influenced in any way. I received no monetary compensation for this post.

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