April 18, 2012

Xia Xia DS Game Review and Giveaway

It's been one of those crazy weeks when I have meant to write a bunch of posts but life got in the way.  Hopefully we'll be able to play catch up the next few days.

Yesterday we had a surprise trip to the doctor for Bid and a school bully incident with Kik.  After a long long day Kik and I sat down together and played her new favorite game on the DS - Xia Xia.

The Xia Xia DS game was developed around the fun Xia Xia toys.  In the game players explore 25 different levels set in 5 unique worlds.  The point of the game is to collect starfish and find missing friends and shells so you can move on to the next world.

Kik is almost 6 and this is the first side scrolling platform game she has ever played.  The controls are pretty basic.  It only requires two buttons (jump and snap) and the arrow buttons for game play.  Even though it was pretty basic I didn't know if it would be up her alley - she's usually more into makeover games.

She loved it!  She thought it was so fun to explore the worlds and search for the missing crab shells.  Her quote  "Okay. this game is so fun because you get to do stuff.  Like pick your character...."

The true testament of how much she loved the game was the fact that she played for over an hour.  She only paused long enough eat dinner before she was at it again.

I liked that she could play the game almost completely by herself.  It was her first platform game so I did have to play with her initially, but she didn't need much help once I got her started.  I also like that there were no bad guys for her to fight.

To Buy - The Xia Xia DS Game was released by GameMill Entertainment and Black Lantern Studios and has a SRP of $19.99.  It's definitely worth checking out if you have young kids!

To Win - GameMill Entertainment is giving away a fun Xia Xia Prize Pack to one of you.  The prize Pack will contain 2 randomly selected Xia Xia toys and the Xia Xia Ds Game!

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