April 5, 2012

School Bullies

I'm sitting here watching Chrissa An American Girl with my girls and I feel awful.  For those of you that haven't seen it, it's about a new girl in school that gets bullied.

It's hard to watch because Kik is in Kindergarten and she has already had a bully.  There is a girl in her class that tries to boss her around and tell her where she can sit and who she can play with.  It hasn't gotten physical (with Kik anyway) but that little girl can be mean.  And she's only in Kindergarten!

We've tried to teach Kik to stand up for herself and her friends without being mean, but it's a difficult concept to grasp.  A large part of what we've tried to teach her is actually confidence - confidence in who she is, what she stands for, and even her appearance. I'm proud of her for coming to talk to me instead of letting things get worse with the girl at school.

My husband dealt with bullying when he was in 4th grade.  He wasn't allowed to play certain games because he was "too fat."  His mom had to work every day so he secretly stayed home almost 3 days a week.  And it was a mean girl that did the bullying.  Things didn't get better for him until he moved across the state and went to a new school.

I didn't have to deal with mean girls until high school but they shouted things at me as I walked down the hall.  Things like, "I hate the way you walk you slut," and other such niceties.  And oh the rumors.  It didn't keep me from school, but I was very introverted and I left my hometown as soon as I could.

Even as an adult I've lived in neighborhoods where adults are cliquey and not very nice.  And I honestly don't understand why.  I genuinely like other people and try my hardest to see the good in everyone.

Now that I've told you our stories I want to know how many of you have been bullied and how you handled it.

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  1. My little girl had a bully to in pre k.. I just told her that people that are mean are just unhappy. I broke my heart though she would come home so sad saying this little boy was being so mean to her. I wasn't really bullied my husband was.. He was really tall and skinny and got beat up a lot. It is sad that kids can be so mean. But I tell my little girl when someone is mean try to be extra nice cause that is what they are lacking in their life. And if that doesn't work just ignore them. She is only in first grade right now and unfortunately has a really mean boy in her class. He pushed her in gym class and she got hurt. She knows to stay away from him I told the teacher I don't want them near each other. Cause calling names is one thing but physically hurting her on purpose is another. Thanks for posting this..