April 2, 2012

Pediped - Originals Adrian Chocolate Brown Shoes Review

Both my girls could crawl by the time they were 4 and a half months and walk by the time they were 9 months. Baby Co is 6 months old and a bit behind.  He doesn't crawl so much as scoot.  He does a sort of push up, sticks his bum high in the air, and pushes backwards on his tippy toes.  As hard as he tries he just can't seem to go forward.  It's super cute, but his legs and feet are always getting stuck under couches and doors.

Because of this what Co wears (or doesn't wear) on his feet is very important.  With bare feet he gets scratched up.  Socks are slippery.  And most shoes fall off his sausage feet easily - which means he either has bare feet or slippery socks all of the time.  One of my very favorite brands of shoes for transitioning babies are Pedipeds.

Co has the Original Adrian Chocolate Brown Shoes and I absolutely love them.


Pediped Originals have skid-resistant leather soles perfect for young kids like Co that are learning to walk or crawl.  The shoes are flexible and don't get in the way when Co pushes off his tippy toes.

But my very favorite thing about the shoes is that they stay on his feet!   I don't know if it's the shape of the shoe or the velcro, but they've never fallen off.

All of the Pediped Originals line of shoes feature
  • All Natural Leather Sole
  • New Diamond Patterned Tread 
  • 2 Layers of Leather plus soft foam insert for protection

To Buy - The Originals Adrian - Chocolate Brown shoes retail for $33.00, and are a great buy!  For more information and special deals check out Pediped on Facebook and Twitter!  You can also sign up at www.pediped.com to become a pediped Insider and be the first to know about new products, special promotions and more!

I received a product to review from the above company or their PR Agency. Opinions expressed in this post are strictly my own - I was not influenced in any way. I received no monetary compensation for this post.

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