February 28, 2012

Wonder Bumpers from Go Mamma Go Designs.

As most of my readers know, I have 3 kids - a 5 month old, a two year old, and a kindergartener.  Right now all of them are going through a transitional period, learning and growing every day.  Baby Co is learning to crawl, sit, and eat like a big boy.  Kik is learning to read and fend for herself in a school environment.  And Bid is learning to use the potty, control her emotions, and be a big girl in general.  Because of this, I thought it would be fun to have an event that highlighting products geared towards these transitional stages.

The first product I want to tell you about are Wonder Bumpers from Go Mamma Go Designs.

All of my children have had the same crib.  It's  in good condition and pleasant to look out, but I still have problems with it.

When Kik was 4 and a half months she would scoot backwards and get her leg caught in between the bars.  She would try to get out herself and would end up with a scraped leg.  With Bid we were ready for the problem and put up a traditional bumper fir a short time.  But because it decreased airflow and made it so she could pull herself up, we quickly took it out.

I didn't want to deal with either problem with Baby Co, so I started looking for solutions on the internet.  After a little searching I found Wonder Bumpers and had to try them out for myself.

Wonder Bumpers are vertical crib bumpers that zip around each crib rail individually.

This leaves space between each rail for airflow, but padding for baby comfort.

 Wonder Bumpers feature
  • 100% Cotton
  • Poly-foam insert
  • Lead-free zipper
  • Machine or Hand Washable
  • And most styles are reversible
To use a Wonder Bumper all you have to do is fold it around the crib rail and zip up.  Most of the styles are reversible so you can rotate the pattern to suit your taste.

Because it matches the color of the room perfectly, we went with the Blue Damask.

To break up the pattern I decided to alternate the solid side and blue damask print.  I love it!  It's smooth and silky, and it looks so fancy!

Because my crib rails are all different lengths I was worried about how they would look and fit. The Wonder Bumpers fit my medium rails perfectly, and on the shorter rails the foam scrunched down to fit. On my longer rails I could have put two together to cover the whole rail, but because they are all on the back I just used one.

So far my Wonder Bumpers have solved both of my crib problems. Baby Co has scooted his legs through the crib bars a couple of times with no scratching. And although he hasn't tried to pull himself up using the bumpers, Bid has. She tries to stand on them so she can reach Baby Co. Luckily they just squish down.

To Buy - Wonder Bumpers are sold in packs of 2, 24, and 38, and vary in Price depending in the style you order.  Right now you can get the Tickled Pink or Bluebird 38 pack for just $99.  They really are a great safer option to the traditional crib bumper.

For more info you can find Wonder Bumpers on twitter or facebook.

I received a product to review from the above company or their PR Agency. Opinions expressed in this post are strictly my own - I was not influenced in any way. I received no monetary compensation for this post.

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  1. I have also had the same crib for the past four years and will be handing it down to my son. At first I didn't have any crib bumpers on my daughter's crib because my pediatrician advised me to take them off. As a result of this she also got a few scraped legs due to the fact that they got caught in the crib posts. I will be sprucing the same crib up this time with Wonder Bumpers also. They are incredible. Not only do they look amazing, my pediatrician was the one who advised me to purchase them this time. I will probably purchase the A for Alien ones from Go Mama Go Designs, the company that makes Wonder Bumpers, they are perfect for boys.