January 13, 2012

Fill in the Blankie.com Review and Giveaway

Update - I selected a winner for the giveaway and unfortunately Fill in the Blankie has decided not to respond to any of my emails or messages.  I've learned that this is not an uncommon occurrence for this company.  Consider reading this post and these comments before you buy!  - http://www.mommylivingthelifeofriley.com/tips-techniques-how-to-advice/warning-fill-blankie-business-why/

One of my very favorite gifts to give and receive when there is a new baby in the picture is a baby blanket. In my opinion you can never have too many. I use them for keeping Baby Co warm in his carseat and stroller, wiping spit up messes when I don't have a burp cloth handy, as a protective barrier when I lay him on the floor, sleep time swaddling, and my personal favorite - cuddling.

Because we had two girls and then a boy, we didn't have very many blankets when Baby Co came along. The girls both had special blankets that people made them, but he didn't have much. Everything was much too girly and pink. Because of this I was really excited when I heard about the personalized baby blankets from Fill in the Blankie.

At FillintheBlankie.com each blanket is personalized and created uniquely for each customer.

First you pick your blanket style, color, and size. Prices range from $39 for the Soren's Sleep Well Blanket to $145 for the Pharoah's finest, so you can spend as little - or as much as you like.

Next to each blanket on the site, there is a number ranking system to help determine which of the blankets is a perfect fit for your needs.  Because of the comfort level and size I decided to go with the Reflection Pond Natalie's on Cloud 9 Blanket.

10  - Cuddle Factor (1-10, 10 being softest)
9.5  - Quality of material and construction
Medium  - Weight (light, medium, heavy)
30 X 30  - Size (Overall dimensions)

After you pick your blanket style, you get to pick what you want embroidered on every side of the blanket.  You can have up to $50 characters printed on each side and in the color and font of your choice.  They even have text suggestions for personalizing your baby blanket.  But the best part about this is basic embroidery is free with blanket purchase!  (You can have them use glow in the dark thread and print a symbol on every side for an additional price.)

We thought about having Baby Co's name and date of birth printed on one side, and then on the rest of the blanket writing a nursery rhyme.  But since the purpose of the blanket is to have it completely customized for him, we went with something a bit different.

We put his name and date of birth on one side, and then used the rest of the sides to display his nickname and future career paths (Awesome Robot, Future Ninja Warrior, and Mathlete in training)

And just because, we added a frog symbol.

I LOVE the blanket we ordered.   It's personalized just for Baby Co, and it is soft and almost buttery to the touch.  It's been spit up on lots of times and still looks and feels great.  It's warm enough and thick enough to be used in the cold weather but isn't stifling.  And I love the look of the satin embroidered trim.

To Buy - Fill in the Blankie blankets or gift cards make a great gift for babies.  When we first got it, we showed it to a couple of our friends and family members.  Those friends and family members then went out and told other people about the blanket.  The people they told then approached us so they could see it first hand. 

The only thing I am sad about is that, the Pig in a Blankie we ordered along with the Blanket turned out to be on backorder.  They are Adorable and look so soft and cuddly, and I was really hoping to see if they were really as cute as they appeared.  So if anyone gets one or has one, let me know!

To Win - Fill in the Blankie is giving a $150 gift card to one of you! To Enter complete Any of the Entries on the Rafflecopter form Below.

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  1. We are expecting in June and I would love so much to win this! Thank you for the chance!

  2. wow i love the hop and try to get them done the gift well i do not know if it going to be girl or boy
    so i have to wait for my kid to have it

  3. This would be great for my granddaughter

  4. Attention everyone! It seems that Fill In The Blankie is STILL refusing to fulfill a giveaway prize from a contest I hosted back in December. Instead of doing what's right, they've simply changed their Twitter account from @FillintheBlankie to @FillntheBlankie. If their tactics annoy/anger you too, then please spread this news so that no one else will have a bad experience with this company either. They currently have LIVE reviews/giveaways going on right now, so please share!