January 12, 2012

Close to Home Fridays - Feature Your Etsy Shop Here for Free!

Clode2Home FridaysJust for fun I wanted to start a new Feature on my blog - Close to Home Fridays - to introduce everyone to some of the great handmade items and home run businesses out there. My only requirement is that the product and feature be family friendly as younger people do view our site. If you would like your product or site included in this weekly feature, you have a couple of options.  Just fill out the form and tell me what you are interested in.

Product Feature - This option is completely free! Just fill out the form with all of your relevant information and I will include it in the post. I will just copy and paste whatever you write, so make sure it's how you want it. I'll also include one picture - provided by you - if interested in this option.

Product Feature and Giveaway - People like free stuff, so if you would like more exposure for your site a giveaway is a great way to do that. I will add a giveaway to the bottom of your feature at no additional cost, but you will be responsible for fullfillment and shipping of the giveaway prize. Giveaways are also great because they help build your social media platform (i.e. like an etsy page, follow you, heart an item, etc)

Review - If you would like me to write the post and actually review your product I would love to discuss this option with you. The product would need to be supplied and shipped to me by you. Reviews will contain links to your site, and actual pictures of the product in use. Reviews are beneficial because it helps readers determine if the product is actually worth buying - as it come from first hand experience.

Review and Giveaway - This is the option that will bring the most exposure to your site.  If you would like a review and giveaway of your product 2 separate products would be required - 1 for the review (see above) and 1 for the giveaway. Note that you will be responsible for fullfillment and shipping of the giveaway prize after the giveaway ends. As mentioned above, Giveaways are a great way to build your social media platforms as they give readers an incentive to complete the extra entries (i.e. like an etsy page, follow you, heart an item, etc).

Tutorials and Discount Codes - If you would like to add a Tutorial or Discount Code to any of the above options, just let me know!

Close to Home Friday

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  1. This is a great way to give start up, home businesses a little extra attention. Thanks.

  2. I can't wait to see what shows up on here!