January 9, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: Traegonia: The Ember Rune by K. S. Krueger

Traegonia:  The Ember Rune is Book Two of the Traegoina series and is a Young Reader Fantasy Adventure Fiction.

The story continues with Dino, Juna and Karia almost a year after their first encounter in Traegonia:  The Sunbow Prophecy.  (you can read my review here.)  The three have adjusted nicely from the previous years mishaps; each coming into their own as they explore their forest and continue to bond.

When Dino's parents announce a family vacation to California for a week, the two Traegon's feel the need to travel with Dino.  Karia has been having strange dreams about fire that has her worried and Juna has always wanted to see the mountains.  Between the three of them, they come up with a plan that will enable them to travel to California.

After a few narrow mishaps on the journey, they arrive safely and begin to explore their new surroundings.  When the three of them meet Jade, Autumn and Fletch, their vacation is about to take on more than they can handle.  Karia is still acting unlike herself as she spends more time alone trying to decipher her dreams and Dino is excited to be able to share his stories with others of like mind.

During their quest, the three begin to realize what is at stake when Karia's dreams begin to unfold.  Will the children have the courage to do what is needed or will they fail the Ember Rune?

I cannot say enough good things about this series, it is fantastic!!  I love how the author writes the tale of the Traegons, the world and character building is phenomenal and you cannot help but feel captivated by the events unfolding.  The passages will make you laugh and cry as you peruse the situations that the three find themselves in.  The airplane trip was nerve-wracking as well as hilarious to read and I couldn't put the book down until I knew the outcome.  There are many instances throughout the book in which you will find yourself quickly turning the pages in order to keep up with the events.

I love Dino and think he is an amazing child, his depth and breadth of himself and his surroundings is remarkable and many children could take lessons from his moral tenets.  The underlying message concerning the environment and how we are the caretakers is written in such a subtle way, you don't realize your being reprimanded for not doing your part.  There are many life lessons to be learned from Dino and his friends.

I would give Traegonia:  The Ember Rune a five out of five stars.  This book delivers fun, excitement, chaos and dilemmas, all designed to keep the reader moving forward and you will want to.  From beginning to end this book is full of entertainment and is a must have series to have in any library.  I cannot wait to see the next adventure...very excited to read more and K.S. Krueger has the ability to make you fall in love with her words, her characters and their lives.

World Of Traegonia

Do you believe that the extraordinary can exist side by side within our ordinary lives?

Welcome to The World of Traegonia where two young Traegons turn one boy's ordinary world into something truly extraordinary. Where trees are homes, hawks are transportation, fairies exist and the creatures of the forests have their own stories to tell. Open yourself to possibility that just beyond the forest tree line a very different reality exists.

Traegonia the Ember Rune, the second book in the Traegonia series, continues the adventures of a young boy and a community of, mystical creatures of the forest known as, Traegons. These sixteen inch tall forest dwelling creatures, that resemble a cross between a troll and a wingless dragon, are wise and inquisitive. Although, they may appear scary at first they are actually quite kind and civilized. When Dino is faced with leaving, Karia and Juna, his two young Traegon friends behind when his parents decide to go on vacation, he decides to smuggle them on board a plane to California. His family vacation turns into an adventure of a lifetime when they meet two young girls and a bold and a bit wild young Traegon named Fletch. This Northern California Mountain holds danger, mystery and a path of learning for each of these new friends. Faced with forces of nature, a rogue cougar and the evolution of their own journeys, the group of unlikely friends must believe in themselves and each other to uncover the meaning of the Ember Rune and get off the mountain safely. New friendships are made, old ones revealed and a new community of Traegons is introduced. Join Dino, Karia and Juna on this second exciting adventure and decide for yourself... Do they exist?

Do you Believe?

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  1. Thanks for the review! There are so many books out there, especially in the fantasy genre so its hard to tell, what is good and what isn't.

  2. Thanks for the great review of the second Traegonia book. I'll pass this along to Kim.

    Wishing you a great 2012.


  3. Thanks for the awesome review. I am so glad you enjoyed it as much as I did writing and reading it.
    Have a Wonderful Year.

    Kim Krueger

  4. Thank you for the review. This sounds like a book my husband will be interested in.

  5. This is one I'm sure my son would love.

  6. The cover art alone on this book is quite intriguing!