December 18, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide Day 46 - Pong: Smart Protection for Smart Phones and iPads

Whether you or a loved one already uses a smart phone or iPad or will be receiving one this holiday season, a must have is a good protective case. You need look no further than the cases produced by Pong Research. They are the perfect accessory for your smart phone or iPad.

I got my iPad a few months ago and shortly thereafter found a case online. It got the job done, but it was a little bulky and definitely took away from the slim and light design of the iPad.  When my wife asked if I wanted to give the Pong case a try I wondered how different it could really be.  But when I tried it out I found that there is a world of difference.  And the Pong case is superior in every way.

First, the Pong case is super thin and light. It barely adds any bulk and it almost feels like using the iPad without a case at all.

Next, the case is somewhat similar to other iPad cases and props the iPad in appropriate landscape positions for watching videos or typing. However, it is even more versatile because it also props the iPad in portrait mode, which is ideal for reading.

I also like that the case will put the iPad to sleep and wake it up when you open and close the case.

The best thing about the Pong cases, is that they are specially designed to reduce the amount of radiation absorbed by your body when you use your devices. This is particularly important for children, whose developing brains and bodies are more susceptible to the effects of radiation. The Pong cases have been shown to reduce cellular radiation up to 95% below FCC target levels! The radiation emitted by many electronic devices has the potential to be harmful and Pong Research is dedicated to reducing the risk as much as possible.

Pong cases are very easy to install and use. They are an excellent choice to protect not only your device, but the person using it.

To Buy - Pong products range in price depending on the price and come in a variety of colors.  You can visit to view all available  products.  You can also check out Pong on facebook for more information.

I received a product to review from the above company or their PR Agency. Opinions expressed in this post are strictly my own - I was not influenced in any way. I received no monetary compensation for this post.


  1. The best element about the Pong situations, is that they are engineered to decrease the quantity of light consumed by your body when you use your gadgets.

  2. I desired to provide the Pong situation a try I considered how different it could really be. But when I tried it out I discovered that there is a community of change. And the Pong situation is excellent in every way.