December 14, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide Day 42 - Littlest Pet Shop Walkables

One of the things Kik wants this Holiday Season is the Littlest Pet Shop Walkables. She didn't discover them until after she had mailed her letter to Santa, but luckily she has a lot of Grandparents that take requests.

We already have the Seal Walkable Pet, but my favorite is the tiger!

All you do is put it on a flat surface, push the button, and then it walks!

Bid and Kik love little animal figurines and play sets.  Everyone in our family is allergic to at least one type of animal, and we can't have pets.  So the girls replace having real pets with toy pets.  They take care of them and teach them tricks.  They love the Littlest Pet Shop Walkables because the toys actually move.  And a walking toy pet is much better and realistic than their stationary counterparts.

The way they walk is actually really cute.  They kind of have this waddle thing going on.

To Buy - Littlest Pet Shop Walkables have an ARP of $7.99 (but I've noticed price varies by location).  They are a great gift for young girls, and a fun addition to the Littlest Pet Shop line.  Besides just the basic Walkable Pets, they also have various play sets that are worth checking out.

 For more info or to see the little guys in action, you can find them on YouTube.

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