December 14, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide Day 42 - John Deere Foot to Floor Tractor

Because Co is still just a baby, we still have mostly girl themed toys. My husband doesn't like that. Even though Baby Co can't play with them yet, my husband wants to buy boy related toys just so we have them around the house. He wants to man things up a bit.

One of our all girl items that needs replacing is our pink Barbie scoot ride on toy. We found a great "boy" option at Learning Curve.

The John Deere Foot to Floor Tractor is a fun "child-powered" plastic version of a real John Deere Tractor.  The base is extra wide for stability, but the seat itself is narrow.  This is to help make it easier for kids to get on and off without help. 

To Buy - The Foot to Floor John Deere Tractor is recommended for children ages 18 months and up, and has a SRP of $29.99.  It's made well and is a fun toy for little boys (or girls that like tractors).

Even though he can't ride it quite yet, here's a little preview of what Baby Co will look like at this time next year.

For more info on this and other great Holiday gift options check out Learning Curve on facebook and twitter!

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