December 11, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide Day 39 ~ Letters From...Santa, Frosty and Rudolph and MORE~!!

Kids love going to the mailbox to get the mail. 

Imagine their joy to find a letter from Santa addressed to them. 

Whatever season it is, whatever the occasion, Letters From... offers a variety of personalized letters available to match the special day. Each letter is printed on appropriate stationery and is customized using the information that you provide during the checkout process.

Letters From... offers three different kinds of letters from Santa, a letter from Rudolph, a letter from Frosty, and coming soon they are looking to offer a letter from the Easter Bunny, a letter from the Tooth Fairy, and more. They are always looking for suggestions as well.

If there is a special occasion that you would like to send a letter for, please let them know and they will try and add letters to suit the needs of their customers.

They offer three different letters from Santa. Each one is uniquely customized using personal information about the child. All you need to do is fill out a simple form with information such as the child’s name, school, a present that they want, their pet’s name, and their letter will be created. Each letter from Santa is unique, so that you can send a different letter to up to three children in the same house.

The letter from Rudolph offers a fun holiday memory. Completely customized using information that you provide, this letter provides a fantastic holiday memory for the special kids in your life.

Their letter from Frosty offers a fun holiday experience from one of the cheerful holiday characters. Think about how excited the child will be when they receive a letter from Frosty that is addressed to them and talks about specific details of their life. Many children have saved these letters to show others, “Frosty sent me a letter!”

My Thoughts~!!

It took a little while to get here but when it did it was truly an incredible experience~!!  I opted to review the Letter From Rudolph and I had it sent to my youngest son!  The letter arrived and it was postmarked from the North Pole, which is the only aspect that went over his head.

When I handed him the letter, his face was a mask of confusion and he asked, "Why do I have a letter?" and after he opened it to a single sheet of paper, he asked me to read it to him.

He was flabbergasted to hear it was addressed to him and as I continued to share the letter, he became even more bewildered as Rudolph mentioned his pet Lizard, Snake and when he heard the letter was from Rudolph he wanted to know who gave him his address.  It was just hilarious, my husband and myself loved the look on his face and the moment was priceless~!!

I would certainly recommend these for your wee ones, they will be as delighted as my li'l man was.  My son was reminded to have get to bed early as our city was one of the first on Santa's list, should have seen his eyes when our city was mentioned.  He felt reassured that Santa was definitely coming to our house and when his sister came home from her friends house, he quickly relayed the message that Rudolph had sent him and they both squealed with delight.

Now, Letters From...and One Day At A Time would love to give you an opportunity to receive a letter for your li'l one...though it may be too late for the Christmas season, there are certainly many ways you can gift this to a loved one~!!

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  1. Sorry I forgot to leave who I would want the letter to be from. I think I would choose Rudolph. He is such a loveable character!