December 10, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide Day 38 - Power Rangers Samurai Wii and DS Game Review

The new Wii and DS versions of Power Rangers Samurai are a great idea for the young gamer in your life.

 The games are centered around the basic good vs. evil theme, but they are definitely geared toward younger players.

When I sat down with Power Rangers Samurai on the Wii, I was mostly reminded of older style arcade games along the lines of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The games consist of progressing through levels while fighting enemies until you face off against the boss. Also, at various points in the game, you must "power-up" using symbols shown.

Overall, the game is pretty straightforward and appropriate for family play. Throughout the game, detailed instructions are given to teach new players how the game works. Also, the game includes short videos that connect the different levels and add continuity to the overall story.

To Buy - The Power Rangers Samurai Wii version retails for $43 and the Ds for $31 on One thing I really liked was that although the game is technically a "fighting" game, it is very clean and appropriate for kids to play.

I received a product to review from the above company or their PR Agency. Opinions expressed in this post are strictly my own - I was not influenced in any way. I received no monetary compensation for this post.

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