December 9, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide Day 37 - Crazy Forts Review and Giveaway

When I was little my sisters and I used to love building forts. We would drape blankets across the top of the furniture and put piles of books on top to hold the blankets down. This wasn't exactly effective or safe, as the blankets never held, and piles of books came dangerously close to falling on us more than once. We knew that it would probably only stay up for a few minutes. But it was fun, so we did it anyway.

A much more effective - and safer - way to build forts is now available with Crazy Forts! With Crazy Forts, you just connect the pieces until you get the shape desired.  And then add bedsheets.

I've been looking forward to trying Crazy Forts for awhile now, so as soon as they came in the mail we opened the box. The Crazy Fort Kit comes complete with 69 connecting pieces - the green long pieces, and the purple connector balls.

To make a fort all you have to do is insert the green building straws into the connector balls, until you achieve your desired fort shape. Even though the kit comes with more detailed instructions, my husband and kids jumped right in and started building.

Sometimes Kik couldn't get the pieces to connect by herself, but she actually built quite a bit of it.

After our fort was just how we wanted it, we threw a blanket over the top to finish the job.

Then the girls got out their flashlights and crawled in. They even convinced my husband and me to crawl in with them for a little while.

To Buy - The Crazy Fort Kit was really fun! The green pieces were flexible and durable, and didn't bend or break even when they were stepped on repeatedly. Retail price varies by store, but you can get it for just $45 right now online at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. I am really considering buying another kit so we can build even bigger forts.

To Win - Crazy Forts is giving a set to one of you! To Enter complete Any of the Entries on the Rafflecopter form Below

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  1. Just an FYI - your crazy forts link on RC goes to a jewelry website.

  2. Barnes and Noble - it's 15 mins away.

  3. None near me, closest one is several hours away in Hot Springs National Park...although they also have it on Amazon which is only one click away!

    katladyu18 at prodigy dot net

  4. fort worth, tx ...sally's flower and gift - (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)

  5. The closest plce is in Santa Fe called Play.