December 8, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Tumbleweed Christmas by Beverly Stowe McClure

Tumbleweed Christmas is a Children's Picture Reader.

Jackie has believed in Christmas miracles since his mother told him the story of Jesus and his birth.

One Christmas season Jackie, his little sisters, April and May, and his mom were having a very tough time.  Jackie's dad was really sick and in the hospital and the family had no money to do anything special on Christmas.

Jackie had a dollar in his pocket and swearing his sisters to secrecy, he sets out to buy them a tree.  Along the way he meets his best friend, Daniel, who has lost his baseball glove and is upset as his father won't allow him to play in the Little League.

As the two traipse about trying to find a tree, Jackie comes upon a tumbleweed and his excitement and imagination build.  Helping Daniel with his dilemma, everyone finds the miracle of Christmas through love and generosity.

I really loved the illustrations by Bridget McKenna.  They were expressive, charming and colourful and my children enjoyed looking at them.  They added a beautiful blend to the story by allowing children to visualize the words being expressed.

I loved the tenacity and spunk of Jackie and loved how he didn't let the "bad" things in life to bring him down.  I enjoyed the "glass is half full" message that was being shared and how to look for positive solutions even when it seems against the odds.

I found the sacrifice that Jackie made to ensure his family, heartwarming.  It had a miracle to boost their morale in all the hardships the family was currently facing, reminding the reader to always find the miracles in life. 

I would give Tumbleweed Christmas a four out of five stars, while I found the story wonderful, I couldn't help but thinking that the mother wasn't well-represented.  The burden of Christmas should never have been felt by her children even with her own problems, her children should never be overlooked.  However, children will not see this message, unless they are perceptive, like my two, it is because of their mentioning it, that I bring it to light here.

This would make a great stocking stuffer for your wee one!

Christmas is the time for miracles, but sometimes, a child must make her own miracle, and one for her siblings.

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  1. Thanks for the great review of Bev's latest. I wanted to let your readers know that she is running a contest during her VBT. The one who comments the most on her tour stops will win a $10 Amazon gift card. Second place winner receives an angel tree ornament.

    Good luck to all.


  2. What a nice review. Thank you. Yes, I think most mothers would come up with a solution. However, sometimes a child doesn't want to worry the mom who already has enough problems so they'll try to solve the situation themselves.

    I appreciate you hosting me on my virtual tour. So happy you and your children enjoyed the story.

    Merry Christmas. And remember, as Cheryl mentioned, there are prizes.

  3. enjoyed reading your review on this book

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  4. Thank you for sharing your review of TUMBLEWEED CHRISTMAS. This is one that I definitely want to add to my collection of Christmas-themed books.

  5. Jackie has such a tender heart, I can't wait to add this one to my library.

  6. Thank you so much for your wonderful review. I really appreciate it!