November 27, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide Day 25 - PhitGrip Review and Giveaway

PhitGrip is the only antimicrobial, nonslip workout grip on the market.  

Staph, e.coli, MRSA. You've heard of them and know how dangerous they are to your health. Now you have the power to do something about it. The only antimicrobial workout grip that stops e.coli dead in its tracks with an 95% efficacy rate. PhitGrip is completely nonslip, our patented process guarantees it. Increase performance by reducing hand fatigue. More than 3 years in development, PhitGrip is garnering rave reviews from Men's Fitness,, and the best powerlifters in the world. No more sweaty hands trapped in a binding glove that interferes with your gripping ability. 

Set your hands free!

ARV $9.99
PhitGrip was invented by a gymaholic germaphobe. Sick and tired of getting sick (and then tired) from frequent gym visits our plucky entrepreneur decided to do something about it. Three years and many checks later PhitGrip was finally born. 

BTW~ 32% of the US population is carrying a staph infection!

Antimicrobial shopping cart grip that stops staph and e.coli dead in their tracks! 18" of pure protection, the entire surface is coated with our all natural, mineral based antimicrobial agent to create a barrier between yourself and someone else's germs, bacteria and virus!

We all know that shopping carts are loaded with germs, now you can protect yourself and your family without the drying alcohol wipes.

ARV $11.99
My Thoughts~!!

I truly appreciate the principal behind PhitGrip...I cannot stand my hands being dirty and sometimes my imagination can really gross me out if I stop to think about it.  I can feel safe using this handy gadget, knowing there is a barrier between myself and the germs that are literally CRAWLING all over shopping cart handles.

I mean, seriously, think about HOW many people could possibly use a shopping cart in one day alone!  Especially in some of the more popular stores during the holiday season, that is a LOT of feces, staph infections and other nasties crawling all over your shopping cart.  And before you know it, you wipe at your eye, or brush your nose and now your sick and it spreads throughout your house infecting everyone...JUST because someone who touched the same item you did, did NOT wash their hands after using the washroom. EWWW~!!

But that is the way it is and this is a great device to have if you have any concerns or cares about such things.  Easily stored in the trunk of your car with your organic shopping bags or carriers, keeping everything together for your next excursion.  

These would make great gifts for the germaphobe in your life...they will truly appreciate the thought behind the gift!

Now, PhitGrip and we here at One Day At A Time want one of you to help stop the spread of germs this holiday season and give you the chance to win one for your own~!!  You'll be healthier for it~!!

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