November 18, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide Day 16 - Dinosaur Train Time Tunnel Mountain Set

Holiday Gift Guide Day 16 - Dinosaur Train Time Tunnel Mountain Motorized Train Set from Learning Curve

Ever since we've had a boy, I've been focusing a lot more on boy items.  I've been checking out cars, superheroes, dinosaurs, trains, and other boy items that my girls have never been into.

There is this show Dinosaur Train on PBS.  It is an educational show that teaches about paleontology and natural history in a really fun way. In the show Buddy, Shiny, Tiny, and Dawn ride the Dinosaur Train through the time tunnel to the different parts of the Mesozoic era. On each trip they learn more about a species of dinosaur or creature that lived during that time period.

The first time I saw Dinosaur Train I didn't know what to think. It was that episode where they sing "Every Dinosaur Poops," and I had no idea what I was watching. My girls kept watching it and after a couple of episodes I really started to enjoy it.

When I was looking at Holiday Toys to include in my guide I saw that there was actually a Dinosaur Train Time Tunnel Mountain Train set.  We like the show so I just had to check out the train.

The track is in a figure 8 pattern and is over 3 ft. long when put together.  I really like the size because it gives both my girls room to play so they don't have to be right on top of each other.

I also really like that the train is interactive.  If you push down on the engine the train moves around the track by itself.  And when it goes through the tunnel the tunnel makes noises and lights up.  To my girls its almost like the dinosaurs are really going through time just like on the show.

The train also comes with Buddy and The Conductor figurines so kids can actually pretend that they are on the train.  Other Dinosaur Figurines from the show can be purchased separately.

To Buy - The Dinosaur Train Time Tunnel Mountain Set from Learning Curve retails for $50, and can be purchased online and at a Variety of Retail Stores around the country. And Here is a little inside tip - right now the Dinosaur Train Time Tunnel Mountain Set is on sale for the Holidays on for just $29.99. I don't know how long that deal will last, but that's a $20 Savings!

The Dinosaur Train Time Tunnel Set would be a great gift for anyone that loves Dinosaurs, Trains, Or Both!

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For more info on this and other great Holiday Products, check out the Learning Curve facebook and twitter pages!

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