November 13, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide Day 11 - Dr. Seuss's Holidays on the Loose

Most People are familiar with How the Grinch Stole Christmas, but Dr. Seuss's Holidays on the Loose is so much more. Warner Home Videos newly released Dr. Seuss's Holidays on the Loose features three GrinchTastic Holiday Episodes in one DVD.

 Episodes Include -

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! – Can the Grinch steal the town’s holiday spirit by stealing their holiday treats? Or does Christmas…perhaps…mean a little bit more?

The Grinch Grinches The Cat in the Hat – What happens when the mischievous Grinch decides to wreak havoc on the world but the happy and ever-so-delightful Cat in the Hat stands in this way?

Halloween is Grinch Night – The sinister Grinch who stole Whoville’s Christmas is back to declare Halloween as “Grinch Night!” While the Whos are caught in a horrible storm of Sour-Sweet Wind, the Grinch and his trusty pooch Max, take this opportunity to terrorize the little town. Unfortunately for him he is surprised by a young boy whose unexpected courage prevents the Grinch from unleashing his awful horrors onto their tranquil town. Grinch Night will never be the same!

The DVD also includes a selection of Bonus Features
  • From Whoville to Hollywood – A rapping, rhyming chronicle of the original book and this beloved animated adaptation.
  • Songs in the Key of Grinch
  • Who’s Who in Whoville – Biography Gallery.
  • Grinch Song Selections – Includes: Opening Song, Trim Up the Tree, Welcome, Christmas and You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch.
  • TNT’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas Feature
  • Grinch Pencil Test
To Buy -  Dr Seuss's Holiday on the Loose has a SRP of $27, but you can get it right now on Amazon for $22.

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