November 4, 2011

Creatures Of The Night We Loved So Well by James M. Fetters

Creatures Of The Night That We Loved So Well is an Horror Lover's Compendium of TV Horror Hosts of Southern California.

With over 200 photos and many of them never published before, this guide to TV Horror Hosts is a must read for anyone who loves the macabre.  The book also includes TV Guide ads, pieces of actual scripts, Horror Host quotes, all the movie listings including dates and so much more.

On Saturday night in 1962 everyone was glued to their television sets to watch such shows as "Weird Weird World", "Strange Tales Of Science Fiction",  "Chiller" and ultimate favourite, the "Jeepers Creepers Theatre".  With memorable hosts and hostesses such as, "Vampira" (Maila Nurmi), "The Creeper" (Jim Sullivan), "Ghoulita" (Lietta Harvey), "Famous Morris" (Don Sherman), "Igor" (Gary Mule Deer), "Grimsley" (Robert Foster), "Moona Lisa" (Jeff and Lisa Clark), "Morgrid" (Bob Burns) and "Elvira" (Cassandra Peterson).  Each of these talented people brought an air of haunting to television screens. 

Each host's story is shared throughout the pages, giving the reader a timeline of events in their lives and memorable moments in their careers.  Like how Maila Nurmi dated James Dean before his death which left her emotionally devastated or how Cassandra Peterson was encouraged by Elvis Presley to pursue a music career and was not Maila's first choice as a replacement, she wanted Lola Falana, however Cassandra prevailed and Elvira was born.  

Some of the more memorable movies are detailed to the reader by explaining the movies synopsis as well as the credits and release dates.  Movies such as "Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman", "Weird Woman", "The Mystery of Edwin Drood", "Son of Shock" and many more.  Also included is a list of early horror movies which are listed by name and year it was released.   Each of the television show listings for the Horror Hosts episodes are shared making this an excellent reference book.

I thought this was a very defined book to have for any Horror buff.  If you haven't seen the television shows you had to have heard of some of the hosts.  Many of them have become a part of our pop culture, their anecdotes have been incorporated in horror movies since.

I loved all the history that was shared and found most of it to be very interesting.  I loved the tidbits of information that you received, I had no idea the amount of firsts that Cassandra Peterson has garnered in her life.  Let me just say she is more than a vampish airhead!!

I found a bit of the information dry and there were a few things added that didn't seem to have any sense of purpose, however, this book is able to carry its own even with this one minor trait.  I loved the pictures and thought they added a lot to the book, especially for those people who didn't have the honour to see them grace the television screen.  

I would give this a five out of five as the reference involved and the history shared is an incredible feat of research and time shared developing a story enough for the reader to want to follow along.  Each chapter is devoted to some aspect of this time in history and the any reader will find something interesting to read.

Jeepers Creepers Theatre in 1962 ignited a love of horror hosts that was the beginning of a life-long addiction for many fans. But as much as the audience loved the shows, they never knew the horror that occurred off-screen -- live adult stage performances, lawsuits and cutthroat competition. What started off as risque and sexy by 1954 standards ended as risque and sexy by 1984 standards. 

Horror hosts affected 30 years of television history... a phenomenon that is not known by today's generation but well remembered by the Baby Boomers and now chronicled for future generations Inside Creatures of the Night That We Loved So Well, you will find: Little-known trivia Over 250 photos, ads, and images--many never seen before Movie listings by date Actual scripts Interviews with hosts and writers Identities revealed for the first time.

I received a product to review from the above company or their PR Agency. Opinions expressed in this post are strictly my own - I was not influenced in any way. I received no monetary compensation for this post. 

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