November 20, 2011

CameraShy Photography

 Recently got some family pictures taken at Camera Shy in Lehi, Utah.  Today I looked at the cd for the first time and discovered that they weren't our pictures.  I left a comment on their facebook wall and within an hour they replied.  They actually drove more than twenty miles both ways to bring me my disc on a Sunday night.  Talk about Service!

Here's a Picture they took of our Baby Co!

At Camera Shy, the in studio photo session plus the copyrighted cd is just $89 with any portrait sheets being $4 each.   They did a great job in studio, and their Customer Service is great! You can also check them out on Facebook!

Disclosure - I received nothing for this post. I was just grateful for good customer service!


  1. Awe, too precious!! I can't wait to have a baby! =)

  2. This is photography as you've never seen before. Our goal for each session is to capture beautiful images that never go out of style, as well as fun and expressive images that highlight the personality of your family! Camera shy contains the latest in style with creative photography that you like to show your friends and family and will be fantastic in your home.