November 24, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: The Amazing Adventures Of Thomas And Erin With Grandad by John Vasey

The Amazing Adventures of Thomas and Erin with Grandad:  Market Day is a Children's Easy Reader.

Erin and Thomas are going to the market with their grandfather.  They ride the bus, visit the bookstore, take a walk through the park, shop at the flower store and they stop for a cup of tea.

Along the way, Erin, two, and Thomas, three and a half, learn from their grandfather how to bond as a family.  Grandad shares stories with his grandchildren before they head home from their days events.

I thought that the message of the story was an encouraging one.  Spending a day with your grandfather is always a wonderful thing and it was enjoyable reading about their adventures.  

I wasn't too fond of the graphics, the grandad was kind of creepy to me, maybe if he shaved or looked more like a grandfather I would have to change my opinion.  While I felt that Erin looked two, Thomas, upon first seeing him, I thought he was around seven or eight and not the three and a half that is stated.

As well, this book is geared for children under five and I feel that maybe a slightly older group of children would like it better.  I feel its a little dark for young minds and maybe adding some more colour to the pages would make it more appealing.

I would give The Amazing Adventures of Thomas and Erin with Grandad:  Market Day a two and a half stars out of five.  I thought the story was a good read but the graphics weren't very impressive.

Childrens book for children under five. It is a story about Grandad, his grandson Thomas, who is 3 1/2 and Erin his grandaughter who is 2 and their adventures.

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