October 18, 2011

Telegraph Island by John Milton Langdon

Telegraph Island:  Book Two in the series "Jason Smiley Stewart - My Life Story" is an historical fiction.

In Book One, "Against All Odds", we learned of Jason as he grew into manhood and ventured off to sea.  We read as he traveled around the world meeting interesting people and visiting exotic locations.  We learn of his hardships and of his loves.

In Telegraph Island, we continue with Jason as he leaves his post with the sea to take on a new position with a telegraph company, paving the way for the communication evolution.

We again learn of his heartaches, his wants and his desires.  We learn how to remain humble in situations where a normal man would have been outraged.

The setting is during the Victorian age when many new and innovative ideas were just beginning to take flight.  Jason feels his destiny is attributed to these new changes and follows his heart to the adventures that are being set before him.  Along the way he finds love, pirates, bad weather and even a Board of Enquiry and with each instance, he remembers that God has a plan for everyone and never denies people a blessing.

I thought this was an okay read, I found the prose to be dry, though I do realize it was set during the Victorian age and is appropriate for the plot, I just wasn't impressed with the style.  I like a little more excitement in my dialogue and descriptions.

I did like Jason, his humble and God loving character was charming and endearing to read and I enjoyed the lessons that were written through him.  I thought the charges being brought up against in via Mary Thomas were ludicrous and I couldn't fathom living in such a mind set.  While I didn't enjoy the offish writing style, it works for the overall character and ambiance found within the pages.

I was confused at times between the dialogue and thoughts of some of the characters and had to reread certain passages to gain focus on what was being shared.  It broke away from the story's flow and I found it hard keeping myself walking beside Jason as he journeyed through the pages.

I would give this book a three out of five stars.  Those who love nautical, historical stories will find this a pleasant read.

Step back in time to the Victorian age. The industrial revolution in Britain is in full spate and electronic communication is in its infancy. Based loosely on fact author John Milton Langdon weaves a tale of romance and adventure on the high seas and in the Orient.

Jason Smiley Stewart — My Life Story describes the life of an average man. Although he is born in humble circumstances, he shows how a combination of perseverance and intelligence aided by a little good fortune, can help any child overcome the disadvantages of a lowly birth status and poor education.

In Telegraph Island, the second of four novels chronicling the life of Jason Smiley Stewart, the young man’s continuing adventures are described. He has his share of failure and success but once again demonstrates that his poor origins are no bar to fame and fortune when he leaves the life of a sailor to join the communication revolution.

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