October 27, 2011

The Snowman's Revenge by Mark Smythe

The Snowman's Revenge is a Children's Picture Book.

Yea~!!  It's a snow day and the children don't have to go to school!!  They all rush outside to play and have fun in the snow and decide to build themselves a Snowman.

When the kids get cold, they go inside for some hot chocolate and leave the snowman outside to freeze.  The Snowman is not impressed with being left behind and plots his revenge upon the unknowing children.

While they enjoy their cocoa, the snowman sneaks into their house and heads for the freezer when he begins to sweat.  Sitting in the dark, he plots to scare them all while they sleep however, before that can happen he must wait and while he waits, he wonders why he continues to sweat.

I thought this was a delightful book for the Christmas season.  I loved the rhyming flow of the narrative and how some of the lines of dialogue were shared with the reader.  Sometimes the words would flow with the snow and sometimes they climbed the stairs.  I really liked that extra bit of interaction and fun.

I thought the illustrations by Mike Motz were wonderful.  They were nicely drawn and beautifully coloured.  Each page had a story to share along with the prose.  The characters were cartoonish in nature with big eyes and as the story progresses, the Snowman gets really sinister and creepy looking.  If your child frightens easy, then this may not be the story for them however, most children will be able to handle the creations and enjoy the story in its completion.

I would give this a five out of five, I truly did like the sing-song rhyming sequence and my children sat enthralled listening to it until the very end.

The Snowman's Revenge

If you were left out in the cold snow all by yourself, would you be mad? Of course you would! Well, this snowman is out for revenge, especially after he sees those kids in the nice warm house, eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate! So, let's see what happens in this delightful story, nicely flowing with rhymed verse, beautifully illustrated and quite humorous indeed. So loveable, it's sure to be an instant favorite and a timeless classic with "kids" of all ages.

** Disclosure: I did not accept any compensation from the sponsors other than review copies, my views are my own, reviewed by me..as I see it~!! **