October 3, 2011

The Shovel by Baker Fore and Tom Massey

The Shovel is a self-help guide to personal transformation.

The Laws of the Shovel are simple.  With these six self-explanatory rules everyone can learn to live by The Shovel.  Each of us must apply these simple steps in order to put your life in the place it was meant to be.  First, you must show up, and then from there one must remember that habits can make or break you; own your actions; visualize your future; extra effort pays and learn to love.

Jason Clark is about to start the first day of his new job and his new life.  He has been hired by A.B. Lincoln, of Lincoln Construction as an architect.  What Jason doesn't realize is that he is about to have his whole life transformed under the guidance and tutelage of A.B Lincoln.

A.B. shares a few tales with Jason on his first day at work.  He explains to Jason how he was once a homeless man who was saved by an old Prospector who gave him a shovel and told him that if he showed up and ready to begin, then things will soon fall into place.  Taking the old man's shovel, he showed up at a construction site the next day and the beginning of his new life took hold.  With many lessons learned along the way, the Prospector returned over the years and taught A. B. how to continue to grow.  A.B. now shares the wisdom of the Prospector with those who come to work for him.

Jason is amazed at all he learns on his first day, believing now that he is one of the luckiest men in the world to have found such gainful employment.  He takes A.B.'s lessons to heart and begins to apply them to his own life.  Over the years he becomes a close friend and associate of A.B. and his family and through Jason's eyes we are given a glimpse of what could happen if you apply the Laws of the Shovel to your life.

This was an very interesting and thought-provoking book.  It is written in a easy to comprehend style that anyone reading it can understand and apply the methods being shared.  It is not a very large read and one could certainly read it within a few hours, but the explanations shared are ones everyone who reads the book can relate to.

I loved the character of A.B. making me wish I could find an employer or a teacher/guide who could direct me in such a manner also.  His friendly and charming approach to the Laws was a refreshing read, I was expecting the cut and dry approach, here's the information, now you process it.  The authors have used Jason, A.B. and the Prospector in a positive and encouraging manner making the story appear more real than fiction, more memoir than self-help guidance.

I find myself thinking about the message long after the book has been written, and that is a poignant statement to be able to create and for that alone, I would give this book a five out of five stars.  It is original, inspiring and charming in its direction and its approach.

It has been said that if you have enough faith you can move mountains. And you can always distinguish who the person is with real faith - he's the one who shows up with a shovel! That's what this book is about: moving the mountains in your life. Showing up each day with a positive attitude and creating successful habits today will produce the life you want tomorrow. Take responsibility for your life by owning up to your actions without making excuses or blaming others. Develop a clear vision of what your future will be and set specific goals to get there. Be committed to exceeding the expectations of others and develop a reputation for going the extra mile. Finally, learn to love by taking action to show others that they are important. By living the principles in this book, you will move the mountains in your life and become a person of success and significance.

 ** Disclosure: I did not accept any compensation from the sponsors other than review copies, my views are my own, reviewed by me..as I see it~!! **

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