October 22, 2011

Pediped Flex Jaelyn - Pink Glitter Shoes Review

Since she was a little girl Kik has always said her favorite color was blue. But if you asked her now, I think she just might tell you that her favorite color was Sparkle!

When we were shopping for her fall/winter clothes she wanted everything to either be sparkly or have glitter on it - from her shirt to her shoes. She's always had her her own unique sense of style, and it seems like this year if it wasn't new and sparkly, she wasn't interested. When we received a pair of Pediped's Jaelyn pink glitter shoes in the mail, she was ecstatic!

I've bought her glittery shoes in the past and I haven't been a fan. She likes to walk on her toes and the glitter started wearing off in days. I didn't know how these shoes would hold up, but I was willing to give them a try.

I put off writing the review for more than a month because I really wanted to test out the shoes and see how they held up.  She wore them on the school playground, at church, and running around with her friends.   They've been scuffed on the sidewalk, sprayed by water, and thrown around the house.  And they still look great.

The shoes do leave a bit of sparkle behind whenever she puts them up on the couch, but the glitter hasn't rubbed off at all.  There is a rubber sole that comes up at the front of the shoes and on the side where Kik puts the most weight.  This has protected the shoes from getting worn out, and makes them a lot less slippery.

One of my favorite things about the shoes is their versatility.  They look great with her jeans, and her dressier clothes.

To Buy - The Flex Jaelyn - Pink Glitter shoes retail for $49.00.  The shoes are great quality, and there is an insert in the shoe for prolonged wear.  All of Pediped's Flex shoes feature soft, lightweight rubber soles for excellent flexibility, and have a cushioned arch support. Love them! They also have an Original and Grip N Go Line for babies and younger children.  For more info you can follow Pediped on Facebook or twitter!

Disclosure - I received a product for review purposes from the above company or their pr agency. Opinione expressed are my own and I was not influenced or compensated.

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